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CBAM Seed Grant Symposium: 11/13/15
Registration is now open for the Fall 2015 CBAM Seed Grant Symposium. Come for presentations on the latest brain mapping research and stay for a drink! Wine and cheese reception to follow. Click the link above to register online.

New Crowdfunding Campaign!
Give as a part of our Crowdsurf campaign, and every dollar of your donation will be matched by the Legler Benbough Foundation – doubling your impact! Click the link above to donate now!

SD BRAIN Consortium Symposium
On Neurotechnology Research in San Diego. Saturday, September 19, 2015 at the Sanford Consortium. View video presentations of the Symposium here.

CBAM sponsored symposium, "Our Precious Brains" in the UT
San Diego’s newest science collaboration opened to the public Saturday, with the goal of getting San Diegans to join local scientists in their quest to understand the most complicated object in the known universe: the human brain.

Our Precious Brains: Mapping the Path for the Remedy When Things Go Wrong
A symposium for the public on Saturday, Sept. 12 in La Jolla.

CBAM Center Development Grant Program 2015
The Center for Brain Activity Mapping (CBAM) solicits proposals for the support of innovative interdisciplinary research centers. Deadline for proposals: Wednesday, July 15, 2015, 11:59pm PDT.

First Annual CBAM Seed Symposium
On March 6, 2015 CBAM will hold its First Annual CBAM Seed Grant Symposium, a half-day symposium to present results of the CBAM Innovative Research Awards. The results of the CBAM Innovative Research Awards will be presented by the research teams.

Sensor Technologies Symposium: presentations videos available
You can find video links for all of the full presentations from the CBAM Sensor Technologies for the Nervous System Symposium.

Cal-BRAIN Kickstarts California Efforts to Map the Brain
A statewide initiative led by UC San Diego is signed into law.

Sacramento Bee Viewpoints: California leading the way with Cal-BRAIN
Ralph J. Greenspan and A. Paul Alivisatos author "Viewpoints: California can lead the way on brain research" in the Sacramento Bee

Ralph Greenspan on KBPS
CBAM Director, Ralph Greenspan, discusses Cal-BRAIN on KPBS.

Cal-BRAIN: The California Blueprint for Research to Advance Innovations in Neuroscience Act of 2014
The California Senate and Assembly have approved pilot funding for a California BRAIN Initiative effort, with an initial investment of $2 million for the first year. Cal-BRAIN would set up a state-wide research grant program for the development of new technologies to enable a brain activity map, with the goal of converging on a unified technology for carrying out large-scale brain mapping efforts. This capability will have substantial benefits for the diagnosis and treatment of virtually all brain disorders, and spawn new areas of technology and training.

Cal-BRAIN Kickstarts California Efforts to Map the Brain
A statewide initiative led by UC San Diego is signed into law.

California State Senate Hearing on a California Brain Initiative (CALBRAIN)
Dr. Greenspan and colleagues introduce and explain the benefits of the California Brain Initiative to the state senate.

The Brain Iniative
A broad, collaborative research initiative to advance the science and technologies needed to unlock the mysteries of the human brain.

UC San Diego Creates Center for Brain Activity Mapping
Responding to President Barack Obama’s “grand challenge” to chart the function of the human brain in unprecedented detail, the University of California, San Diego has established the Center for Brain Activity Mapping (CBAM).