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CBAM Innovative Seed Grant Program

Deadline for proposals: Monday, October 16, 2017, 11:59pm PDT

The Center for Brain Activity Mapping (CBAM) solicits proposals for the support of innovative interdisciplinary research. Preference will be given to proposals that are aimed at the development of new technology for brain recording, and that involve collaboration between an engineer, chemist, physicist, computer scientist or mathematician with a neuroscientist, neurologist, cognitive scientist or psychologist (not necessarily in equal proportion).

The purpose of this program is to try out new ideas, particularly those that are too new for a standard funding source. Preliminary results are neither necessary nor preferred. A good idea is much more important. The goals include demonstration of proof-of-principle and acquisition of preliminary data to support future proposals for major grant support.

The scientific team should be primarily based at UCSD and led by a faculty member or Research Scientist but external collaborators are allowable. Investigators may be associated with more than one proposal submission.


Requests up to $50,000 will be considered. We retain the discretion to adjust the amount either down or up as deemed appropriate. The budget period will be from 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018. There is no IDC associated with this grant program. Purposes for which funds may be spent include purchase of equipment, supplies, salary support, and usage of facilities. We encourage PIs to work with their fund managers to develop their budgets when appropriate. This is an internal grant program and the application can be sent to CBAM without review from the UCSD Office of Contract & Grant Administration.

Proposal Format

Proposals may be single-spaced and should be no longer than two pages.

Page 1


This section should contain a title and a one paragraph executive summary of the proposed research. If funded, this abstract will be used in a press release announcing the CBAM awards. The abstract should therefore be written in a language that is clear, accessible to the educated layperson, and avoids unnecessary technical terms.

Description of Research:

This section should briefly describe the proposed research and address: (a) the potential of the new technology; (b) the principle and mechanism it is based on; and (c) the research steps envisioned; and (d) the role of investigators from different disciplines. Keep references to a minimum, and use the sparsest citation format (e.g., Shmoe et al, 1844, Acta Retracta 1:4).

Page 2  

Detailed Budget and Budget Justification:

This section should contain a brief budget and budget justification. Address the impact that funding would have for the project. If the budget is split between UCSD departments or two institutions, please indicate the breakdown and PI of each budget. The majority of the funding should be retained at UCSD but partial funding to a collaborator at an external institution will be considered with strong justification.

Scientific Team and Laboratories:

This section should describe the research team and laboratories. Letters of intent to collaborate should be attached at the end of the proposal for each listed team member and will not count towards the page limit.

Instructions for Proposal Submission

Submit proposals as a single PDF file to cbam@ucsd.edu. An email reply will be sent to confirm receipt of the application.

Award Conditions

If applicable, valid animal and/or human subject protocols must be approved by the appropriate institution prior to the issuing of award funds.

A one-page summary at the end of the funding year must be submitted when requested, to include a listing of any publications, presentations, press releases, and follow-on grants that may have resulted from the research.

Grant recipients will be asked to present their research at a future CBAM meeting. 

Announcements regarding awards will be made in December, 2017. The awards will be disbursed starting in January 2018, with an immediate start date.


For more information or questions, please contact Janet Shin at jshin@ucsd.edu or 858-822-2698.